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Are You Facing Prison?

Do you want to be prepared?

          If you are a non-violent or 'white collar' professional staring at a prison sentence, you are probably cycling through a toxic brew of FEAR (of the future), DENIAL (that it's happened), ANGER (at what you have lost), and CONFUSION (what should I do?). First and foremost, what you are experiencing is not unique. Of the hundreds of thousands of people facing prison, many handle it well, most do not. As a former attorney who never imagined being arrested, I felt the pull of blaming my situation on the unfairness of [fill in the blank]. Like most white collar professionals, I was suddenly placed into a world I knew nothing about, and seemed downright scary. However, I learned something incredibly powerful during my career as a trial lawyer: While most people handle the legal system poorly, a small percentage do not. My ‘aha’ moment was simple: I am going to be on of those people who does whatever they can to minimize my incarceration.

         Here is the truth: Most people facing incarceration do not PREPARE. At least not properly. They squander the precious time between arrest and incarceration doing all the wrong things or denying reality. But a few people do the hard WORK to actually come out better than before they were arrested. I can help with real solutions that I implemented and successfully used to change my life and put my time under the BOP to a minimum. On the day of sentencing I was facing 12 years in prison, but received 5 due to the choices I made after arrest. I then turned my 5 year sentence into 27 months of actual time, and cut my supervised release in half. To do this, I had to change as a person. I tell those I help all the time, this may not seem like an opportunity, but it truly is. I cut my incarceration dramatically because I successfully navigated the criminal justice system, and have been fortunate to have helped others like yourself facing prosecution/prison. Contact Prison Toolkit at 412 - TOOL - KIT to discuss your situation.

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Quick disclaimer: Although I went to law school, nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice. Although I am a certified personal trainer, nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice. Lastly, although I study philosophy and am a student of Stoicism, I offer only my thoughts and opinions. I could be wrong and am learning myself. This site is my effort to be of service to others a little further back on the trail than I am. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help. I will always try and do the best I can.

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